Homoeopathy for Motor Neuron Disease (mnd)

118MND (Motor Neuron Disease)

The brain is linked to the rest of the body by nerves (neurones) which have been likened to electrical wiring; some carry impulses to the brain (the sensory nerves) while others carry messages from the brain to the muscles, to make the muscles work and contract – these are called the motor nerves or neurones. In MND these motor nerves degenerate so that the muscles supplied by them lose their strength.

The illness is not infectious and normally affects people over 40 years of age although younger cases are common.

The disease will present in different ways depending on the location of the nerve cells involved. Doctors commonly use four main terms for Motor Neuron Disease but there is considerable overlap among the three forms as the disease progresses.

It must be stressed that MND affects individual people differently and not everyone will have all the symptoms. The rate of progression of the disease will also be individual to each person affected.

Is it hereditary?

Most cases of MND occur spontaneously. They are said to be sporadic – meaning occurring in scattered or isolated instances without clearly identifiable causes. Some cases of MND are hereditary, with 5-10% been shown to have a genetic link. In March 1993, mutations were identified on the superoxide dismutase (SOD1) gene on chromosome 21. These mutations are believed to be present in about 20% of the hereditary form of MND.

What forms does MND take?

MND usually begins affecting a single limb or aspect of motor function, become more generalized as the disease progresses. There is usually evidence of wasting and weakness in some muscles and twitching (fasciculation) of parts of the muscle may be visible under the skin.
Fasciculation is a sign of damage to lower motor neurones. Involvement of upper motor neurones results in stiffness of muscles (spasticity) and slowed movements; sometimes the muscles will spasm or spontaneously jerk. Patients may have only lower motor neuron or only upper motor neuron signs early in the illness but typically develop a combination of the two as the disease progresses. Depending on the pattern of motor neuron involvement and the part of the body where the symptoms begin, the disease can be classified into four main types.
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is the most common form, characterized by muscle weakness and stiffness, over-active reflexes and rapidly changing emotions. Upper and lower motor neurones are both affected; the limbs cease to work properly. ALS is the term most commonly applied to MND in the USA, where it is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, after a famous baseball player.

Progressive muscular atrophy (PMA) is characterized by muscle wasting and weakness, loss of weight and muscle-twitching, and is caused by damage to the spinal (lower) motor neurones.
Progressive bulbar palsy (PBP), mixed bulbar palsy and pseudo-bulbar palsy are forms that involve the muscles of speech and swallowing. The nerves that control these functions are located in the bulb (the lower part of the brain), hence the term bulbar palsy (paralysis).
Primary lateral sclerosis, in which upper motor neuron damage results in stiffness and spastic paralysis of the limbs. This a very rare form of the disease.

What is not affected?

MND does not affect the senses ( touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing) and the sense of feeling in the affected limbs remains normal. intellect and memory are not usually affected although in a very few individuals some deterioration may be experienced. Bladder and bowel function remain normal, so incontinence is not a feature; however, immobility may disturb bowel and bladder function later in the illness.

Sexual desire and function are not directly affected. The person with Motor Neuron Disease is, and will often be fully in control of his or her intellectual faculties, feelings and emotions. Although the affected person may not be able to communicate easily to the attendants as the disease advances, it is important to take account of this and to allow time for slower methods of communication, such as electronic equipment, to enable the person to make decisions for himself or herself.

Does it have any curable treatment ?

In modern medicine though there is no cure at this point in time coordinated research is being carried out across the world and encouraging progress is being made. There are drugs available that can sometimes slow the progression of ALS in around 20% of cases. However many of the symptoms can be helped with the proper combination of medical treatment, specialized equipment, and psychological support.


Homoeopathic Approach has been very beneficial in dealing with such cases. We have got very good results in our clinic where the quality of life have been improved tremendously. Fasciculation, Muscular coordination in spasticity has been restored in general patients have been able to get up and move about also after the Homoeopathic treatment. As given in the  following testimonial.


It all started some 4 years back when my mother was staying with my sister in Kolkatta. She started feeling something awkward with her left hand thumb. Months passed by and when I saw her next time I could see that her left thumb is almost numb. Since these are the early stage of development nobody took it that seriously thinking something else may be. But then sooner my family tried to diagnose it and after lots of test doctor could not come into any kind of conclusion. Then suddenly we came across this term MND from some doctor who predicted it since no other thing can be diagnose. Since very people are aware of these rare disease nobody was so sure whether this is it or something else. So she stated Yoga and other stuff. Since I do job several thousand kilometers apart I was completely unaware of all these or the full scale severity. In my next visit I could see that her hands have been affected and she is struggling to do pressure work. Also it has affected her legs and sometimes she is tumbling down due to imbalance. Till this time we could not see any visible damage to her figure. Once again I departed after a week or two, diagnosis was continuing though without any result. Then after sometime I was talking to my mother one day and I could feel the distortion in her voice. It kept continuing after that. My next meeting with my mother was after a bit long gap. Then I could see the full scale damage. She has started reducing to skeleton. She is struggling to work. Her hand muscle has gone. That was just unbelievable. Suddenly I became nowhere. What to do what not to do was beyond my imagination. Then we decided we will take her to Delhi for a neuro test . My friend’s uncle is a neuro surgeon and after hours of testing he confirmed that it is MND. Also a shocker later on for me that be prepare for the inevitable. As a son what was happening to me that point of time is hard to explain .It was so overwhelming. We went to baba RamDev ashram as per my mother’s request.
After coming to home I was thinking what’s next. Also mean while I had already shifted to Bangalore. Coming to Bangalore I could hardly pass my time just thinking the future events. Then suddenly I got a call from my very good friend Mr Sandeep Gulati from Delhi. He told me about Dr A.K.Gupta , his clinic, their success story and so on. Then I went through the website of OVIHAMS. After reading a previous case of MND a little ray of hope suddenly started erupting inside me. I contacted him and soon we started our medication . My mother started showing some good result afterwards. Also she became mentally stronger with a hope that things will go well afterwards.

After 3 months Dr Gupta visited my mother in our home in Orissa in Jan 2006. It was so great having him at our doorsteps when we know how busy man he is. After examining her thoroughly and taking complete mental. emotional and physical aspects he advised for the change and additions in Diet and also advised for some exercises. Since then close to 2 years have been elapsed and my mother is almost stable and has got completely cured of the persistent feeling of Falling down backward. Her sensation of thickening of her Tongue and vague sensation has been completely taken care of. Now she is able to lift her Hands and able to eat on her own. She has started moving around though at times she still staggers while walking. Her appetite has improved. Her Depression part has been reduced tremendously. The speech part became quite better but that varies on different occasions. No further damage in these years except the voice distortion and sleeping problem.

Also it is very important to note that MND is a rare disease which affects your body muscle a lot . So that means the patient has to go through physiotherapy constantly . With current Homeoeopathic therapy  we could see muscle recovering a good sign. Since MND does a lot of damage to your body, it does disfigure the patient and disable them of doing the most private things. That’s why it is very important to make them happy and keep encouraging them so as to minimize the chances of depression.

Current medical science don’t have any full proof answer to MND though stem cell researches are going on. We all are aware of the power of Homeopathy and there no side effects. In long run it has got a tremendous effect if it suits you.